• Galicia, Spain & Douro, Portugal
    Sun, Sep 11
    Galicia, Spain
    Want to discover the greatest seafood in all the land and the best wines to pair with it? Want to head to the most traditional wine making land in Portugal? Think that all Portuguese wine is sweet and that all of Spain is hot and arid with huge red wines? Well we're about to change some attitudes!
  • Santa Barbara Wine Tour for Harvest!
    Sun, Nov 06
    Solvang, CA
    World class wines, beautiful vineyards, great food and perfect weather. Welcome to California's Central Coast!
  • Wine, BBQ and Sushi tour in Monticello, Virginia
    Time is TBD
    Charlottesville, VA
    Can't get enough BBQ? Want to make your own sushi? Don't think Virginia has world class wines? Well do we have a treat for you!!!