• Chile for HARVEST 2022
    Sun, Mar 20
    Colchagua, Chile
    We're heading back to South America for harvest next March. Since the seasons are reverse in the Southern Hemisphere we'll be ready for grapes on the vine, action in the cellars and juice in the hands!
  • Galicia, Spain & Douro, Portugal
    Sun, Sep 11
    Want to discover the greatest seafood in all the land and the best wines to pair with it? Want to head to the most traditional wine making land in Portugal? Think that all Portuguese wine is sweet and that all of Spain is hot and arid with huge red wines? Well we're about to change some attitudes!
  • Cheese making weekend in Georgia
    Time is TBD
    Thomasville, GA, USA
    Love curds and whey? Could you live off cheese and wine alone? Want to get down to the business of making your own deliciousness?
  • Virginia Wine Country
    Dates available now
    Monticello Wine Region
    Want to go on your own private tour of wineries and cellars with the owners and winemakers? Want to see how the magic happens with world class Chefs and learn the tricks of the trade? Want to hang out with your homies at your own private wine tour?
  • Rioja and Ribera del Duero (Private Tour)
    Time is TBD
    04260 Rioja, Almería, Spain
    An "invite only" trip for the cool kids to the two most traditional regions in Spain!